Monday, January 19, 2009

Civil servant rapped over cooking holiday

My Thoughts:
I'm one of those who sympathises with him. I mean, we don't even know the context of his story. The fact being, whatever one does, one's action will always be subject to various interpretations.

And we know that there'll always be the sour grapes or opportunists who'd take the opportunity to shed a bad light on others.

I can also imagine how it'd seem easy for the associated party to criticise the action (in an attempt to pacify the masses) and to isolate the blame.

The poor fella had probably wanted his family to have an experience that they'd never forget (hence didn't mind spending all that $)....well, they probably still do but in a very bad way.

Does it then mean that in bad times like this....we all have to pretend to live like paupers just 'cos we don't want our families and friends to think that we are insensitive?

I agree that flaunting of one's wealth is never the right thing to do (regardless of good or bad times) but there's no way you can control what goes on in the minds of others. People can think bad of you whether or not you are actually guilty of why give a fark what others think?

In recent times, I've been made to feel bad about my trips. I do not usually volunteer information of my travels unless people ask for them...and I'm even more reluctant to share these days. But when people do ask and I tell them what I have been up to, their responses often make me feel kinda embarrassed and guilty....which I realised after awhile that it is totally ridiculous. Why should I feel bad about it at all??!! It sucks that my friends can't travel as much as I do but it's no fault of mine!!!

Sure travelling usually cost quite some $$ but to put it in better perspective, travelling is my ONLY luxury as I do not spend on clothes, makeup, spas, jewellery, gadgets, expensive bags, shoes and eating out at expensive places like others do. So if some people choose to spend their limited financial resources in other things apart from travel, that's their choice to make. If I do not judge them for their choices, why should they judge me?

Moreover, I always make it a point to travel on a budget by researching on the cheapest airfares, accommodations and it also helps that I'm not a big shopper on my overseas trips (why am I even justifying myself here?!!).

So what the heck...people can think/say whatever they want and live their sad miserable lives for all I care. I only live once and I choose to do whatever that pleases me.

This blog aims to help those who are planning their trips but if you think that I'm flaunting my travel experiences...please fark off!


  1. If not being able to afford a 5-week holiday in France means that one is a pauper, then what is the word to describe those who can't afford to buy a 3-room flat or even a 1-room flat? That comment of yours is rather dramatic.

    Tania, you are forgetting that Mr Tan is not like you or me. As Charles Ng said, we are only "lesser mortals". Who cares what the rest of us spend our money on.

    That said, I think this isn't even about the money. Not at all. He can do what he wants.

    But what is disturbing is that the article revealed that Mr Tan actually believes taking 5 weeks without getting fired can be simple. It is not. If leaders cannot understand the lives that "lesser mortals" have, how much confidence can we have that the laws, decisions that are made for the good of this country can really address the concerns of the majority of people in Singapore?

    For example:
    Do the leaders making decisions about the public transport system really know what the situation is like at peak hours?

    As a leader, you have to know what "reality" is for the less well-off and less privileged.

    So if Paris Hilton is disconnected from reality, who cares? She don't run the country.

  2. Thanks for your comments. Everyone is entitled to his/her views. And I'm very happy to hear varying points of view.

    With regards to taking 5 weeks off, civil servants typically have 21-28 days of leave. Some are allowed to carry forward unused leave.

    So if a civil servant hadn't been going on leave and had decided to clear his/her leave all at once (take 25-day leave for a 5-week holiday)'s only his/her entitlement.

    I really hope to see all top civil servants and gahmen officials give up their Merc and Beemers and take the public transport.

    That way, not only will they then be able to relate and understand our pains...they are also being sensitive enough to not show off their wealth in the form of their expensive cars. Who knows, one day, I can (literally) rub shoulders with the PM on the MRT? And I'll definitely remember to give up my Priority seat for our MM who'd probably be needing the seat more than I do.

  3. a friend has informed me that my above blogpost had been quoted in several online publications and i didn't even know until today:

    god damn it!...i really hate to be part of some politically motivated cyber-bashing.

    these fellas quoted me out of context...didn't even bother to verify if i'm really a "civil servant elite"...just using whatever they can grab hold of to justify their cause.

    it really sickens me...but wtf...i shld know better than to get mad at idiots.