Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another MAP BAG

The hubster had asked for a bigger document bag this morning to carry his stacks of papers...and so I went to work on my sewing machine with a map that I had rescued from the trash and lots of vinyl.

This was an easy one to sew...I decided to sew on the wrong side instead and so I had to flip the bag to the right side and that was what was really hard to do.

My paper map got a little crumpled in the process but no biggie as the vinyl layers have kept the map in one piece with no tears or whatsoever. So here it waterproof (crumpled) MAP BAG for my dearest.
The map is printed on both sides so it's mappy on the inside of the bag too...NICE!
And there's a map of Boston and vicinity....good for when we get lost!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Can't wait for spring warm-up....

It's spring already but still quite chilly over here. We have been in the 40s & 50s this whole week. I'm almost fully recovered from a flu that I caught last week probably due to the hot-cold weather changes.

I can't wait for warmer days to come!!! And I'm gonna have some important visitors late spring :) *crossing fingers & toes*

Snagged a lovely pair of Lindsay Phillips Switchflops from Ocean State Job Lot for $15 (selling for close to $40 on amazon)'s comfy, pretty and it also has interchangeable straps (for matching with your outfits/purses?!). How cool is that?
Now...when can I start wearing my flip-flops already!!! *impatience*

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The return of puff filling

As usual, I made too much puff filling so this leftover queen (moi of course!) created a few new dishes with the leftovers.
Here are some curry tartlets - puff filling put into lil sweet pastry shells and topped with shredded mozzarella and parmesan cheeses.
And this was my lunch earlier....sandwich wrap using a whole-grain flat bread with boston lettuce, puff filling, ham and avocado. Super delicious I tell ya!!!
I was almost disappointed that I had used up all the leftovers. There's something about creating yummy stuffs out of boring leftovers that makes me oh-so-happy! :P

Oven baked curry puffs

I had 2 boxes of frozen puff pastry that had been lying there for the longest I decided to make some curry puffs with them.

I made the puff fillings like I normally do - the cheat's way. I boiled the potatoes and chopped them into bitesize pieces. I also chopped up some leftover rotisserie chicken breast into chunks. I fried some chopped onions till soft, added some packet curry paste (I used Brahim's meat curry) and a little bit of chicken stock...followed by the chicken and potatoes...and kept stirring till thoroughly mixed and heated. Set aside.

I left the frozen puff pastry out to thaw as per the instructions on the box. When ready, I unrolled the puff pastry and cut them into squares (the size of the square is all up to you).
I spread the puff filling on one side and topped with a slice of egg. Then I folded the puff pastry to make a triangular shape and sealed the sides by pressing the pastry with the tips of a fork.
I brushed the surfaces of the puffs with beaten egg and gently placed the puffs onto a baking rack that's on top of a cookie sheet (that's to allow the puffs to bake nicely on both sides).
I popped the puffs into the preheated oven of 370F for about 1/2 hr or till nicely browned.