Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another MAP BAG

The hubster had asked for a bigger document bag this morning to carry his stacks of papers...and so I went to work on my sewing machine with a map that I had rescued from the trash and lots of vinyl.

This was an easy one to sew...I decided to sew on the wrong side instead and so I had to flip the bag to the right side and that was what was really hard to do.

My paper map got a little crumpled in the process but no biggie as the vinyl layers have kept the map in one piece with no tears or whatsoever. So here it waterproof (crumpled) MAP BAG for my dearest.
The map is printed on both sides so it's mappy on the inside of the bag too...NICE!
And there's a map of Boston and vicinity....good for when we get lost!