Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 10: Brisbane to Singapore


Initially we were considering to extend our trip for another few days but we were both feeling kinda exhausted so we decided to return to Singapore.

Our flight was in the early afternoon and we headed for the airport after checking out from our hotel.

As the hotel was in South Brisbane, we had to find our way onto the South East Fwy so as to head towards the city. All we had with us was some scanty driving instructions to the airport and no maps or whatsoever. We figured there should be sufficient signs pointing us towards the airport.

Unfortunately we failed to exit in time from the Hwy to connect to the road leading to the Inner City Bypass and we ended up going back to South Brisbane and then having to go back up north again.

Finally, we managed to find the right exit and got onto the Inner City Bypass and onwards to Kingsford Smith Dr. We realised that there weren't sufficient directional signs for the airport. Most big cities that we had driven in have many prominent signs leading to the airport. So we spent a great amount of time wondering if we were headed in the right direction. It wasn't so bad 'cos we weren't in a rush to catch our flight out.

Eventually we arrived at the airport and luckily, we didn't have much difficulties finding the carpark where we were to return the rental car as there were clear directional signs. We were prepared to be slapped with a hefty charge for denting the car when we were returning the car key. The rental personnel told us that they'd send someone to check on the car to assess the damage and it was likely that they might have to charge us the entire excess amount of A$3,300 if the car had to be sent for repairs! Anyway, she told us to go check in first before returning to the rental desk for the final verdict on the outcome after their checks on the car.

With heavy hearts, we returned to the rental desk after checking in our luggages. The lady then told us that the car was already dented by the previous driver who had bought excess insurance and they were already planning to make a claim for the repairs from the previous driver's insurance. And as the dent that we made was at the same spot (back bumper), we need not pay for the damage at all. We simply couldn't believe our luck!! We were so happy that we would have given the lady a big hug if not for the fact that she was seated behind the tall counter.

We then ate and shop a little at the Brisbane Airport before boarding our flight back home to Singapore.

Well, this concludes our East Coast Australia trip!


  1. Tania,

    I have been using your holiday report extensively in the planning of my own trip to Australia. We will visit the same area in April and cover the same areas. We have a bit more time available to us and will be travelling with a baby so you're comments on the places have been invaluable.


  2. hi Neil,

    thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving me such kind words.

    we were in quite a rush throughout the entire trip so there might've been many more beautiful places and sights that we've missed out.

    just let me know if you need any other info and i'll try my best to help.

    have fun planning your trip and i look forward to reading your trip report when you return.

  3. Thanks Tania. We arrive in Australia on the 23/03. Have now booked all the accommodation. Sydney, Port Stephens, Bellingen, Byron Bay, Mt Tamborine and Brisbane. Plenty of sightseeing stops along the way no doubt.

  4. Tania, What camera are you using? The pics were sharp and well taken.

    I love travelling too, but not as adventurous as you.

  5. hi cindi,

    i'm using a Panasonic Lumix FZ50. thanks for your compliments and for dropping by my blog!

  6. Tania,
    Just got to see your blog which I was surfing KC, my daily favorite place. I have put your blog in my Favourite.

    I am also using Lumix DMC FX01 - a lower version I think. I went to Korea and Yunnan China (through tour)with those morning calls and hurry hurry kind. Supposed to visit Japan this end March to see the sakura blossoming, but due to economic slowdown, put off the idea.

    I really love taking nice pics like you, will try to invest one good camera.

  7. are a fellow lumix user too! =)

    do you mind giving me your blog link so that i can add you to my blog list too?

    i'll be writing about japan - mainly my blog later when i'm more free. do drop by to take a look when it's done

  8. Tania,

    Sorry for the late reply. I did brisk in and out of the A bit down mood as my daughter had gone back to UK last week.

    My blog.... nothing much just some family sharing... not up to the standard yet.shy..shy to share.

    Anyway, I would come to your blog for your Japan updates.. love and enjoy looking at your nice pics