Monday, February 23, 2009

In love with Tokyo...

Having been to Tokyo at least 10 times over the last 8 years, I must say this city really captures my heart and soul. There's just so much this mega city has to offer!

Here's a list of what I love most about Tokyo:

- super-efficient and well-connected rail system

- it's safe and I feel very comfortable travelling around even on my own

- it's clean - I've not come across a dirty public toilet in Tokyo

- the service that you receive at malls, shops, eateries is the BEST in the world

- most japanese people are very gentle, considerate and polite - old folks are offered seats on buses/trains, everybody queues, nobody talks too loudly

- it's a shopping paradise - anything that you can think of (or can't think of), you can buy it in Tokyo

- food/product quality standards are so high - i've never had a lousy meal, or bought a lousy product in Tokyo

- japanese people are creative - nothing is impossible, nothing is too weird for them.

- everything is within easy reach in this compact city - arts, culture, shopping, dining, parks, scenery, architecture

- the weather is great - not too cold, not too hot and the seasonal changes bring about the most beautiful nature scenaries even in the concrete city - sakura/ume seasons, autumn leaves etc

I'll be providing some Tokyo travel tips in my subsequent stay tuned.


  1. i love tokyo too! =)

  2. Surprisingly, Japan wasn't high on my list of places to visit. The Taiwanese LOVE Japan. I, on the other hand, enjoy going to lesser-developed countries (at least while living in Taiwan, those are my preferred destinations). But "forced" to go for a business trip a couple of years ago (and a few more trips since then), I did find Japan to be quite enjoyable. Any place is better when you have friends - that's for sure. Anyway, I spent 5 vacation days in Tokyo and was rather amazed by it. I guess I shouldn't have been. 5 days fills up pretty quickly. I'd go there again, but maybe not on my own dime. Maybe not yet. So many more places to visit.

    Wow, you have traffic coming in from everywhere!

  3. i mostly followed my husband there for his worktrips. we probably wouldn't go there so often if out of our own pockets =P but having been there so many times, i inevitably fell in love with this big city with all its quirks. i can imagine myself living in tokyo actually. come to think of it...taiwan reminds me very much of japan in many ways.

  4. But we have less Japanese people here... :P