Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The long painful process of unpacking........

The 2 things that I hate most about trips are the packing and the unpacking!

I had (as usual!) overpacked for our month-long roadtrip. I managed to do laundry at various stops along the way.....so we actually needed far less clothings then I had packed.

We left with a trunk load full of stuffs and we returned with even MORE.

Our loot from the trip.......mostly t-shirts and books...which we are suckers for. Borders won't be in such a sad state if there have been more booklovers like us :P
I had wanted to collect some seashells for my crafts from the various beaches along the way but I did not manage to find any worthy ones. I ended up buying these seashell charms at a museum shop in Philly.
I have been collecting magnets of the different states that we had visited. I bought a whole stack for all of the new states that we've covered in this single roadtrip but now the magnets are missing in action *sob*. I hope I hadn't misplaced them in one of the hotels :(

All the unpacking and doing of laundry is probably gonna take me a couple of days to complete.

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