Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We feel your love......

We are back after 30 days on the road........and this BIG bag of stuffs greeted us at the post office today!!! When the postmaster saw me......he asked if I had driven a truck to come pick up the mails :P

What wonderful surprises we got (post-Valentine's Day!) in all the packages.....we are so grateful for your kind thoughts and generosity. Despite the cold that the arctic front brought today, we feel warm and fuzzy from all your love.
I got these CDs just before we left for our month long roadtrip....and they came in very handy indeed. My gal pals (3 x HLs & SX) had seen/heard my very limited chinese music CD collection when they came to visit and decided to help improve my collection tremendously. The love song set that they bought came with 6 discs and 101 songs in total!
The package from KJ......so festive with the dui-lians and CNY decorations.....and she painstakingly wrapped each and every gift in different cutsy giftwrap...and every item even came with its own "love note". I'm extremely touched indeed........RG too....he loves the murukkus.
And a cutsy package from the cutsy WM!!! Love the unique sanrio CNY decorations and the CNY card that doubles as a table calendar (exactly what I needed but couldn't find over here in the states!!!!). Hello panda and pineapple cookies will be gone in no time I'm pretty sure of that. Rendang sauce I will save for a special occasion.
A lovely and stylish scarf from LX who always have such good taste in fashion. And I love the traditional paper cut rabbit......I'm a rabbit and it's my year.....woohoo!!!
Such a cute fabric carrier from PE and the wine charms will definitely come in very handy for our parties!!
A million thanks for your gifts, love and friendship. They mean so much to us. We love you and we can't wait to see you again soon.

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