Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green household tip.....#1

I usually buy those foaming hand wash in a pump bottle. And after I've finished using the hand wash.....I cleaned the bottle and filled it up with approx 3/5 dishwashing liquid and 2/5 water and stirred/shook till the two liquids were well mixed.

The addition of water is important in diluting the dishwashing liquid such that it gets pumped out easily and effectively.
The special pump foams up the dishwashing liquid like this (not sure why my photo appears like that but I guess you can still see what I mean).
It's eco-friendly for numerous reasons:

- an old handwash bottle is being reused
- the pump turns liquid into foam which makes the removal of grease/dirt much easier and hence requiring less dishwashing liquid and water for rinsing
- the use of less dishwashing liquid is not only beneficial for the septic systems, it also reduces the potential of ground/surface water contaminations as well as eutrophication (my Environmental Geog lecturers will be so proud of me!).

It's pocket friendly too.....I find my bottle of dishwashing liquid lasting almost twice as long after I started using the foam pump! :P

Anyway, my favorite dishwashing liquid is from Dawn. You've probably heard that the International Bird Rescue Reseach Center and the Marine Mammal Center use Dawn to clean animals that are affected by oil spills. And it's as gentle on my hands as it is on feathers! I had used other dishwashing liquids before and they tend to make my hands very dry and itchy. It does cost a little more than the other brands....but well worth the money!

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