Friday, January 7, 2011 has finally arrived!

I think due to the recent snow storm that had half-crippled New York/New Jersey.....the US postal services have been very much disrupted.

I know KJ has been quite anxious to know if I have received her parcel.......well, here's a shout-out.....I JUST DID...TODAY!

It's a great gift......very thoughtful indeed. Extremely useful for a "globetrotter" (shameless!) like me....kekekeke...on second thoughts, "pig's trotters" might be a better term to use on me *eyeing my expanding thighs*

My THICK wads of cash (I wish!!), cards, passport, state ID, checkbook & pen all fit like a glove in the handy and compact travel wallet.
And it goes beautifully with my new wallet from RG.......they look like a SET don't ya think! KJ understands me well enough to know that I like "shiny shiny" (or bling bling) things.
And for sure......this lovely travel wallet and I are gonna find some beautiful places together!!! Thanks my dearest friend. I miss you.....and I miss your evil sense of humor! :P

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  1. Aiyoh, I was upset that it didn't manage to arrive before Christmas...sorry for the late arrival. Yes!, I know that you would prefer those "bling bling" stuff over those common colours. Look out for more to come...hohoho!