Sunday, January 9, 2011

The great packing dichotomy.....

As we do travel frequently....I've acquired good travel packing skills. I pack fast, neatly and I seldom miss out on important stuffs! :P

But nothing has prepared me for the packing that we have to do for this roadtrip that we are embarking on.

The planned route covers approx 3/4 of the entire eastern coast of US of A....right alongside the Atlantic Ocean. We'll be passing through at least 12 states (based on the last count), from Southern Massachusetts all the way to Key West FL.

It will be cold/wintery on the northeastern coast but the temperatures will start to warm up probably from South Carolina onwards. And it'd almost feel like summer by the time we reach Florida.

Just look at some of the stuffs that I'm look at them and you might think I'm packing for 2 separate and totally different trips! :P Funny.....


  1. Big road trip..enjoy and take plenty of photos to share. I look forward to reading your posts. Have never been to the east coast of US, except for Orlando to visit the theme parks.

  2. thanks Charmaine. actually, i've never been to anywhere further south of NYC. will be my first time in orlando theme parks too!