Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Picnic blanket.....

I was hoping to find a nice picnic blanket for our roadtrip since a great part of our journey would involve spending time in parks or on beaches. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to find anything suitable so I thought....why not make one myself?!!

So I found an old snuggie blanket (burberry lookalike!), a piece of vinyl tablecloth and some brown fabric scraps (for the edges). It didn't take me long to turn all the materials into this.......
I used the waterproof vinyl tablecloth to line the bottom of the mat to prevent the blanket from getting wet. The soft blanket is quite nice to sit/sleep on....and it's quite warming too.
Roll it up and it's ready to go!!!

I realise sewing is such a great skill to have. I can make whatever I need/want/can't find or if it's too expensive to buy. If I can just learn to sew my own clothings......I won't be needing to go to the malls too!

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