Saturday, January 1, 2011

1.1.11 Boston

Today's weather is even better than yesterday's. We spent a good half of the day wandering around Boston.
Boston Common looks pretty even when covered in snow.
The frozen pond at the Public Garden could make a nice skating rink!
Kids were having a great time sliding down slopes.
Boston Common park ranger & his cool ride!
The Frog Pond skating rink was packed!!!
Can you see the loooooooooong queue to get into the skating rink?
The ice sculptures which are part of the New Year celebrations are melting fast in the heat....
Multi-tasking to the extreme.......
RG and the Old South Church in the background (Boylston St).
How can I resist yet another photo op at 500 Boylston! :P
Me outside Trinity Church......
Me and the Christmas "ball" outside Prudential Center :)

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  1. Lovely wintery photos. I would love to visit Boston one day.