Friday, December 31, 2010

Fooling around in our backyard.....

It's such a nice warm day today so RG and I decided to go out and play! :)

We didn't have to venture far......our backyard is a great big playground.

RG attempting to make a snow angel!! :O
Where RG is pointing....that's our little house!
Not all the snow has melted.....
RG at the looooooooong boardwalk.......
The beautiful marshes.....
Me lying down on the boardwalk to bask in the lovely sun......
Fly me to the moon.........little silver jet!
The marshes support a rich ecosystem....there are tonnes of quahogs in the shallow waters. I see that the seagulls must have been down here feasting!
Such a perfect day to end a fantastic can we not take a photo to remind ourselves of this beautiful day. The two chubbies happily ever after by the sea.........
RG looking tiny standing next to the tall reeds!
Our cute house on the right of the photo......
The beautiful blue sea behind me......
Me tossing a snowball at the photographer!
Me and my big bag of bird seeds that I use to feed the many little birds that come for a visit in our yard everyday.
Our poor snow(o)man all beaten up by the big snow storm that we had earlier this week.
Thanks for touring our backyard with us!!!!


  1. Thanks for having me in your really beautiful backyard...I could feel the warm good feelings radiating from you & Ragu :)

  2. dear mala, we hope that you'll be able to see our backyard in person soon!! :)

  3. Tania, what a lovely place you live in. Must be great to wake up in the morning and see God's beauty all around. Have a great 2011 and Happy New Year.

  4. dear charmaine, glad you enjoyed the photo "tour". indeed we are very thankful and feel extremely blessed to be able to live here for now. wishing you and your family a very fabulous year 2011!!!