Friday, December 3, 2010

My life story.....

I got these photos from my mom's FB photo album.....thanks mom!!! :)

They really brought back lots of memories....

I tried to arrange the photos in chronological order as best as I was fun seeing how I've changed over the last 3.5 decades.

If this was my bro's birthday celebration in Nov....then I couldn't be more than 4 months old!

I can stand now!!!

I started kindergarten (PAP) when I was just 3-ish year old. Here was me in a dance performance during my PAP graduation (I'm the right most dancer!).

I loved to draw/color/paint when I was a kid......I'd try to take part in every single drawing competition. Here's me at one of the many drawing competitions.

'Cos I started and completed kindergarten earlier than the other kids.....I attended another year of Pre-Primary school at Nan Hua Primary. That was me shaking the hand of our then my ultra short "sailor-moon" uniform!

Finally....I graduated from Pre-Primary!!!

For whatever strange reasons.....I was often the "flower girl" in school....

My dad used to travel alot for work.....I remember he wasn't around during one CNY and my mom brought me and my brother to Chinese Garden where we took this naughty photo.

This was taken on the virgin train ride!! We were heading to Malaysia to visit our relatives.

When Nan Hua Primary School moved to the far west......I had to change school. My parents tried to enrol me in some "better" schools around town but did not succeed. In the end, I went to a "neighbourhood" school - Balestier Mixed School (subsequently renamed Balestier Primary School). In the photo, I'm in the second row, second from the right.

I used to look quite girly huh...with the frilly dress, doll-looking hairstyle and hairband.

This was taken on board the Captain Cook cruise - our first trip to Australia.

When Changi Airport opened in became quite a tourist attraction. Here's a photo of my bro and me in front of one of the "waterfalls". I was probably still in primary school judging from my look - that was the time when big shoulder pads and bubble skirt were in fashion!

When I started secondary school......I cut my hair real short that I was often mistaken to be a boy. The below photo was taken at the East Coast Park with my NPCC teammates (I'm third from the left).

Me and daddy at a kelong.

I think sometime after secondary 2, I became more "hiao". I let my hair/fringe grew....and started wearing mini skirts! My family at Changi Airport....seeing my bro off....he was leaving for his undergrad studies in Japan.

This was my sec3 & 4 class. I'm in the front row, third from right.

Another of my "girly" phases during college. This was taken on a trip back to my mom's hometown - Jinmen.

My first time in Tioman with WL, XY and my colleagues from EM Services. It was after the A levels and we were awaiting the results. I was working at the Tampines Town Council as a temp Accounts Executive.

These are my 3 best friends from college. The photo was taken at Sentosa....just before ZH and WL left for Perth for their undergrad studies while XY & I stayed behind to go to the local unis.

In 1995, Dunman High Sch was moving to Tanjong Rhu. A bunch of us went back to bid goodbye!

My two besties from university - LF......

....and LY. We loved to k-ok and take silly photos all around town!

My HRM module mates in university......plain Hanes t-shirts, jeans and sneakers were my wardrobe staples.

My Geog Hons class........a great bunch!

After so many years of school......I finally finally graduated with a B.A Hons degree. Me and my proud mommy!

My bro's wedding dinner at Crown Prince the table were my 2 besties, my then bf (now hubby) and 2 of my secondary sch teachers....

On my wedding day, my parents, ML and our JP.....

....on the same day of our ROM, we managed to squeeze in a few shots at the hotel where our dinner was held..., on stage, making my really short wedding speech.

This was my red-hair phase......

One of my best friends - KJ......on her wedding day. She looked so pretty!

We had a small house-warming gathering with my family and relatives when we first moved into our apartment at Pasir Panjang.

At a corporate retreat with my colleagues......

One of the last few events that I was involved in before I left NUS......7 years and a whole lot of memories (both good and bad!) ;P

From being a civil servant....I became a self-employed with a local IFA....

.....and I made some great friends!

My bunch of friends from my secondary sch days....a farewell gathering at my place before we left for the states.

I guess that's about it. The photos kinda sum up my entire life. hahaha. Nothing too exciting....but mostly good memories!!!!


  1. Least did I expect that picture was use for this blog... OMG....

  2. hahahaha....why not? you are a BIG PART of my life...and rightfully deserves a spot on this post!

    i'm still trying to gather more photos to fill in the "gaps". so to those of you who haven't been "featured"'s not because you aren't's just b'cos I don't have a softcopy photo of us together!