Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spring frame coin purse

The last time I went back to Singapore (Jun-Aug 2010), I bought tonnes of sewing hardware from DAISO. One of the items that I bought was the spring frame. At the point of purchase....I didn't really know how to use them or what to do with them. I just thought I could slowly figure them motto - buy first, think later! hahahaha.....

Anyway....the frames were sold as 2 in a set and for only SGD2. In the states, each frame would easily costs more than USD3.00. So I'm really glad I bought quite a few sets of varying lengths from DAISO. For once, my "buy first, think later" tactic has paid off :P

Yesterday, I decided to try out the spring frame. I opted to make a small coin purse which seemed like the easiest thing to do. On my little creative sketch pad, I drew out the way the fabric should be cut and the approx dimensions. I didn't bother to do a paper pattern but just use white chalk to mark on my fabric.

It proved to be a short and sweet project....within less than 15min of sewing....the coin purse was completed! I didn't line my purse 'cos the fabric that I had used is quite thick and pretty on the wrong side too.

It's quite small....but can hold tonnes of coins!

It turned out that the spring frame was super easy to use. Simple instructions can be found at the back of the packaging. I didn't even have to use a hammer as described in the instructions. The pin to close the frame just slipped right in. I only had to use a small plier to press down a metal flap to secure the pin.


  1. OMG Thank god i found this! I bought the same thing, i'm a bit lost on how it's correctly supose to turn out!

  2. haha....i'd be lost too without the instructions at the back of the packaging. let me know if you need help to fix it. i can take a close up shot of the instructions if need be. cheers.