Friday, December 31, 2010

A summation of Year 2010

Today is the last day of 2010. Can't believe the year flew past just like that!!

A client-turned-friend of mine sends out an email to all her families and friends every year end to tell of how her year had been and what her new year resolutions are. I always look forward to it and she has inspired me to do the the form of this blogpost.

So.....Year! I don't even know where to begin. It seems like I haven't done much but looking back....I actually did quite a few interesting new things.

So 2010 started out with us finally settling into our rental and in US of A. We experienced our very first New England winter and the gods must've had been kind to us 'cos it was a very mild winter. Little things like shovelling, scrapping ice off the car, trying not to slip on icy walkways were totally new to us.

Another very interesting and unexpected thing at the start of 2010 was me picking up sewing!! It was a big deal for me 'cos I never knew I could actually sew something decent which doesn't suck. Let's just say I had always failed Home Economics in secondary school and the thing that I sucked most at was sewing. Anyway, that all changed when I bought my very first sewing machine in the states and I have not looked back since.

RG and I did quite a bit of traveling on our own within the states in 2010. We visited Providence, Newport & Scituate in Rhode Island and in Connecticut, we covered Mystic, New Haven, East Windsor, Bloomfield, Bristol, New Britain & Hartford.

I did our first state and federal tax filing in US of A. It was a steep learning curve for me as I had been so used to the easy & EFFICIENT tax filing system in SG :P But I'm proud to report that I did the taxes all by myself without the help of a professional or any tax software! Thankfully, I completed the tasks prior to the deadline and most importantly, I was still sane and hadn't tore all my hair off after all that.

In spring 2010, I had my very first yard sale. I could hardly believe that people had actually wanted to buy my handsewn stuffs and photographs...and that they also had many good things to say about my pieces....even until today. I have been very encouraged by that.

Beginning of summer 2010, we packed up our stuffs to move to storage and left our first rental to return to Singapore. It had been 10 months since we left Singapore and we were SUPER excited to be back home with our families and friends. It was also the first time we were seeing our cute renovated flat and to live in it. It was quite a change living in a much smaller apartment but we managed just fine and we grew to love our cosy little place with all its nearby amenities and very central location.

We spent 6 whole weeks catching up with families and friends in SG and it was just too wonderful to describe in words. There was A LOT of eating and both of us put on much weight. We also checked out many new places in SG and we couldn't believe how much had changed in that short 10 months! We celebrated National Day at the spanking new Marina Bay Sands and enjoyed the lovely views and firework displays with our family.

One reluctant thing that I had to do back in SG was to give up of my financial practice due to our relocation. It was sad to say goodbye to my clients, many of whom have become my good friends and who had been so supportive over the last half a decade or so. I wish them well and I believe that they will be well taken care of by my fellow ex-colleagues.

After a fantabulous time in SG, we left for London. That was our very first time in London too. We had the luxury of a good 2 whole weeks in London and we did LOTS of stuff and caught up with a couple of old friends while we were there. We really enjoyed London very much.

We returned to US of A end of August and we found a new rental by the water. The little seaside cottage is the house of our dreams! No words can describe how we feel waking up to the beautiful blue sea every morning.

Our first visitors arrived late September. 4 of my buddies from high school came to visit and stayed with us for 2 weeks. We did loads of stuffs together and RG joined us on a long roadtrip from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to Vermont to upstate New York and back. There was a lot of shopping, eating and sightseeing. And best of all, our over 20years of friendship has been renewed and further strengthened.

End Oct 2010, we met up with 2 more old pals in Boston. While we met them only briefly due to their tight travel schedules....we had a wonderful time catching up and doing silly fun things. It is so nice knowing that you can always pick up right where you left off even though you and your friends might not see each other that much.....that's what true friendship is about!

While old friends are golden.....we made some new friends too! My new landlords have been great to us, our new neighbors are friendly, RG has got a new colleague at work who's a chinese and around my age. She and I would rattle off in Mandarin everytime we get together. We still keep in touch with my old landlords and neighbor. RG is also getting along very well with his colleagues and he has rekindled ties with some of his old pals from all over the world. I'm also very happy to have found a couple of old friends on FB and to get a second chance at our friendship.

My driving is gradually getting better as I'm becoming more confident on the roads. (thanks to RG's coaching). While I could only manage driving on small roads around our small quiet town in early 2010, I'm now driving on the highway and can make it to as far as the neighboring towns that are approx 25min drive away. That is already a very big achievement to being such a scaredy cat on the roads :P

As for RG and I....we are still as in love as ever! :P We celebrated our 9th year wedding anniversary in 2010. Next year is our 10th!!!!!! I'm thinking that maybe we can renew our wedding vows for our 10th anniversary in Grand Canyon where we went for our honeymoon. tee hee......

For Year 2011, my only wish is for my families, friends and ourselves to be healthy and happy!

And to everyone remember to LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH every single day.


  1. The year 2010 has been a great year for u, staying and enjoying living in USA. Looking fwd to reading & viewing your travel adventures in USA !!

    Good luck & all the best for 2011 !!


  2. Sounds good "to renew our wedding vows for our 10th anniversary in Grand Canyon", hope to join in. Looking forward.