Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 frozen fingers...............and a SNOW(O)MAN!

All the beautiful white snow was calling out to me this make a snowman.

I started with the body.....pushing the snow into a tall pile....and all the while using my 2 palms to compact the snow such that it stays in shape (Note: Let's just focus on the snowman please. DO NOT be distracted by my fleece pants full of colorful hearts!)

Once the body was done....I moved on to its head. I started off with a small snowball......
....and then I kept packing more snow onto the ball.....

....until you reach a size that you are happy with...which is proportional to the snowman's body.

The true test is if the head will stay stuck to the body.....and I passed!

Now I just want to "fatten" up my snowman 'cos it was looking kinda malnourished!

When Snowman is finally looking quite chubbily's time to dress it up!

Hmmmmmmm.......seems to still lack the X-factor......

After a more elaborate's looking better don't ya think?!

Snow(o)man wishes all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


  1. Hi Tania

    Have you been to Quincy,MA. I am not sure of your distance but there is a big Asian Supermarket called Kam Man, China Pearl DimSum Restaurant and 2 other restaurants which I haven't try. Parking lot is big and free. Check it out.


  2. hi joan,

    quincy is not too far away from my place...roughly 45min drive. thanks so much for your recommendations!! will definitely check them out when we are headed that way. We've been to the China Pearl in's really we have been telling ourselves to go to the one in Quincy since it's slightly nearer than Boston. Are you living in MA too?

  3. I am in RI.

    The China Pearl in Quincy lately change to pen & paper more push carts except dessert.

  4. hi joan, travel all the way to quincy for chinese food huh? :)

    i still like the pushcart style dimsum....

    we had dim sum at one of the chinese restaurant in Providence called Lucky was supposedly the best in that area but we didn't like it too much. China Pearl is much better.