Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Working the arms and back......

It finally stopped snowing today....having snowed (lightly) the whole of yesterday. The sun was out again and the weather was so GORGEOUS!!!

We didn't expect to get slightly over 5" of snow this time round. While New Englanders aren't even gonna bat an eyelid over this amount of snow.....it is still a very "respectable" kick off to 2010-2011 winter.

Ice scraper and shovels in hands......we spent a good half an hour or so getting ice/snow off the car, deck, stairs and walkway. It was good exercise indeed.

I only shoveled part of the back deck and half of the side deck. I left the front deck untouched. Wrap-around decks are so wonderful to have......when IT'S NOT SNOWING!

After a hard day's work.....the shovels were put to rest (for now). Oh......I actually broke one shovel 'cos I shoveled too hard.

Now's my turn to lay down and rest my tired back on my warm cosy bed.....and enjoy the beautiful wintery scenery outside.

AHhhhhahhhhh.....who says winter is all misery?!

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