Friday, April 29, 2011

How to attach ruffler foot on Brother sewing machine LS-2125

So I bought the ruffler foot (for low shank machines) to fit my Brother LS-2125 machine from a seller on ebay.

Took me awhile of fiddling around before finally figuring out how to attach the ruffler foot.

Here's a pictorial tutorial on how to attach the ruffler that you don't have to kill your braincells over it like I did :P

If you have the LS-2125 machine like I do, you should first remove your sewing needle and presser foot.
Next, unscrew the "foot catch".
Here's what it'd look like after you've unscrewed and removed the foot catch.
Now see this "U" part of the ruffler foot......
.....hook the U-part onto your needle clamp.....
....and for this part of the ruffler foot...... it over here.
So here's how your ruffler foot should fit on your LS-2125 machine.
Place the screw back and tighten it in place.
Attach your needle back, make sure it feeds nicely into the needle plate and then start ruffling away!!!
I tried ruffling on a thicker fabric like this one (fabric for men's coat) worked.
And then, I ruffled on this really thin tshirt fabric.....worked too!
I'm now officially....a ruffler! :P


  1. Thank you! I just bought the same foot from ebay and could not figure out how to attach it! I finally just got on the computer to do a search and yours was the first one I opened! Thanks for the time saving advice!

  2. don't mention it! enjoy your ruffle foot

  3. I'd like to thank you too! Very helpful!

  4. This is really helpful!
    I am looking for a ruffle foot
    but not sure if it will fit my Janome.

    Now I know that It will!
    (and also know how to attach it on the machine!)

    Thank you so much :)

  5. @SweetPeaYok, thanks for dropping by. Glad my post was of use to you. Hope you'll find a ruffler foot that fits your machine and have a great ruffling time!! :)

  6. yay for people like you willing to help people like us....who can't attach a ruffle foot. teehee. thanks a bunch!

  7. Yippee !
    I was just wondering what ruffling attachment to use on my Brother XL6063 with snap-on foot... glad you are here !!

  8. thank you! very helpful!! :)

  9. Ive purchased a ruffler foot to fit my brother ls 2160 but i dont have a "bar" for my pin clamp. I have a screw instead. Do you have any tips ?

  10. hi, sorry i'm not familiar with LS2160 but from what I can see at it seems to be quite similar to mine?

  11. Thanks this is a great tute , I have had my foot for a month and this is the best tute I have found Awesome job!

  12. my needle keeps hittingthe attachmeny. suggestions?

  13. Hi Tania...
    Do you have any idea how to attach "walking foot"? ...
    My sewing machine is the same with you. Btw, after I looked clearly on the picture that you posted above, the Position of the "U" part in my walking foot is exactly the same with the position of "U" part in ruffler foot..

    thanks b4

  14. my presser foot has come away from machine Brother LS2125 im a beginner how do i re attach it

  15. Thank you for taking the time to do this! The pictures were so helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. I just tried to attach ruffler attachment to my white sewing and the holes don't match up so I can't screw it on I live in Guatemala and found it in a store here do you think that I might be able to make it work or do I take it back to the store

  17. my needle keeps breaking before i even get to stitch anything i set up just like you did and i have the same machine have you had any problems like this please help so flustered

  18. Hi Tania, thank you for the tutorial. I just purchased this same foot on ebay and was wondering If I had to do lower my feed dog. I have the brother LS-2125i sewing machine.

  19. Still helping people. Used to make my ruffles by hand. Finally broke down and bought this beauty. Thanks for showing me how to attach.

  20. Thank you for the easy instructions