Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gone are the concrete jungles

I've lived in Singapore for the last 34 years of my life. I've gotten so used to the high-rise buildings, skyscrapers that it's kinda weird to have vast open views of the sky...totally unblocked by tall buildings. I've almost forgotten how blue and clear the sky can be.

Surrounding our new home is a beautiful garden...lovingly cared for by my landlords before they left the house to us. And behind the house is a small woods where little animals lurked.

Everyday, we'll see little squirrels and rabbits hopping around in the garden. It's obviously a common sight to the residents here...but we were so thrilled the first time we saw a bunny in the yard...and we still are.

According to my neighbour, she had seen wild turkeys too!! Hopefully, the turkeys don't pick a day like thanksgiving or x'mas to run amok.

With nature so close's not hard to smell the roses everyday.

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  1. It would take while to adapt and it is really beautiful to see the floral and fauna surrounding you, the cute & friendly animals visiting your home.

    Sit back, relax & enjoy !