Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our new home - Part 2

So this quiet little town that we've decided to live in has a population of just slightly over 5,000 people. However during summer, due to the attraction of the sun, sand and sea, the population would swell to over 20,000.

This beautiful Victorian-style house that we've rented was built in 1905. It has a living area of over 1,800sqft and a gross area of 3,300 if including the porch, deck, storage areas and wood. Such a house would easily cost over USD700,000 to purchase and yet the rent is relatively low. With the same rent that we are paying for this house, I doubt we'll even be able to rent a 4-room HDB flat back in Singapore!

While the house is over 100 years old, it is not dilapidated at all. It appears that much remodeling and renovation works had been carried out by the various owners over the years.

Given that the landed properties in Singapore are so costly, we can only dream to live in such houses. I'm happy that we've got this chance to enjoy this charming century old house at least for now.

Here are some photos of the house that I'd like to share with you. The credit goes to my landlords who obviously have great tastes in home furnishings and decorations.


  1. Wow LN, your new house is super nice and cosy! Good that you find such a lovely house. I guess you are also spending quite a while to do the cleaning, ya? ;p

    Take care and miss you :)

    Lan Eng

  2. actually, i don't do so much cleaning. i don't get so much dust here...and also the weather is quite cool and not humid...so there ain't much mildew/mould to be scrubbed off.

    people here mostly wear their shoes in the house. while we don't wear outdoor shoes into the house (we wear indoor slippers)...we do allow guests to wear their shoes when they come visit. but even then, there doesn't seem to be much dirt. i'd just vacuum every now and then. i don't even mop.

  3. Your home is so beautiful !! Excellent furnishings and designs too !!

    Love to visit it one day !! Take care & enjoy !!


  4. you folks are always welcome. all the empty guestrooms waiting to be occupied! ha! take care of yourselves back home!

  5. Omg~~~so nice and quaint. Definitely would want to visit you someday. Maybe mid of next year? Would the weather be good then? Anyway, see you back in Singapore during CNY. Remember to contact us.

    *watching afar with eyes of envy* [Y_Y]

  6. Gosh, you have got a nice and beautiful house. Love it. Edith

  7. just love the thought of visiting bunnies!!

  8. edmund: jun/jul will be the peak season over here 'cos it's summer and everyone just wants a piece of the sun, sand and sea during that time. it'd be nice if you don't mind the crowd. a better time might be in October during fall. it's supposed to be absolutely beautiful and the weather will be cool and probably less crowded.

  9. edith: thanks! hope you are liking the bookcases?

  10. mala: yeah...it's real cute isn't it! we are now looking out for the wild turkeys. neighbour said the entire flock - mommy with little baby turkeys can usually be seen crossing our yard to the woods in front. that'll be quite a sight!