Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If you don't already know, RG and I really love lighthouses. There's just something so special about them. I recalled writing about this in my Byron Bay posting (dated 21 Jan 2009).

Being in the coastal region has given us many opportunities to visit the lighthouses that are scattered all over the Cape Cod area. The lighthouses come in different shapes, sizes and colors...and each lighthouse can look different when viewed from different perspectives i.e the viewing angles, the time of the year/month/day.

So far, we've only visited 3 of the lighthouses (1 in Mattapoisett and 2 in Newport) but we'll definitely find time for more of them. Here's a collection of my favorite shots of the lighthouses around our area...enjoy!

Well, check out the lighthouses on our vehicle number plate, placemat as well as table lamp!

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