Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating for X'mas....Part I

The shops are filled with all sorts of x'mas decorations...everywhere, trees are lighted, the 10-ft snowman blown up and santa has arrived in his sleigh!

We've too have started our own decorations around the house (in fact, we are a little behind time). I know I wanted our decorations to be unconventional and to beautify without breaking the bank.

So my X'mas theme for 2009 will be:
- white
- nature
- recycled
- unfuss

This is my first creation and I've placed it at the alcove window. I've assembled a few broken twigs that I had spray-painted white and secured them in the vase (courtesy of my landlord) with some florist foam and garden pebbles. Then I folded several longevity cranes using used dryer sheets and then strung them up on the twigs using white sewing thread. Cost of the decorative piece - USD1.50 (for the spray paint), joy in putting it together - priceless!

The whole piece is white in color. The twigs are from nature and by placing the piece at the alcove completely blends in with nature as if one. The recycled dryer sheets look good as cranes and smell great too! The piece is so simple, unfuss and yet, it always gives me a feeling of zen just by looking at it. The cranes lend it an asian-feel...and symbolise longevity for me, RG, our families and friends.

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