Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our very first snow storm......

We were issued a blizzard storm warning the day we were prepared for a lot of snow and strong winds.

It started snowing much later than anticipated at around 10pm last night....but the snow came fast and furious and within minutes, the entire place turned white. We had strong gusts of up to 50+mph and we could really hear the winds howling the entire night. It snowed throughout the night and only stopped at 4pm today.

This morning, we realised that the door to our main entrance/exit area (back porch) couldn't be opened as too much snow had accumulated there. So we had to force open our front door (thank god we managed as there was less snow in the front porch) and to make our way to the back of the house to shovel the back porch so as to unblock the door.

RG was the first one out of the house....he bravely led the way as we really had no idea how deep the snow was...or where exactly the walkway and stairs were as they were completely covered in snow.

Then we had to make our way to the back of the house through our driveway. Look at how LONG the driveway is (can you spot RG standing between the 2 cars at the far end?). We would have had to shovel the entire driveway (& break both our backs!) if not for the fact that we've engaged a professional snow-plough guy.

Here he his huge truck to clear the driveway. Our saviour!

That's me with my ski-poles...struggling to walk in the knee-deep snow!

That's our blocked's almost 2/5 buried in snow!

Look at how much snow RG had to clear off the back porch!

Finally...his hard work paid off...and we've got a clear, unobstructed path out! RG did such a wonderful job...he even straightened the edges.

Time to celebrate by cutting the cake....keke....

That's me relaxing on my "snow-couch".....while RG did all the work.

We took a measurement of the depth of the snow before noon and it was already over 22". It'd have been closer to 25" by the time it finally stopped snowing

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