Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decorating for X'mas...Part II

So part 2 of our frugal x'mas a DIY x'mas tree!

I secured a much bigger twig (spray-painted white) in a metal can with the help of some cement. Then I wrapped the ugly looking can in a few sheets of recycled white tissue wrap and tied a big white bow around the can. I had also spray painted (in gold color) some pine cones that I had collected in the yard and strung them up on the "tree" using white threads.

Then RG suggested that we take out our halloween lightings and "fake spider webs" and turn them into x'mas lightings & "snow" for our tree. I made some "stars" out of some chenille pipe cleaners.

We bought a few inexpensive pieces of wooden decorations and added in our own colors using magic markers and paint. We also bought some ornamental balls at a huge discount (maybe 'cos one of it was shattered) for the tree.

Last but not least, the x'mas cards that we've received from friends and families are also hung up on the DIY tree.

All in all, the cost to put together the tree is less than $10. The excitement when lighting it up and the many hours spent enjoying our fruit of labor thereafter - PRICELESS!


  1. Nice and creative! :)

    Lan Eng

  2. thank you my fren! have a happy holidays!