Monday, September 20, 2010

Kampong Glam....

One of my favorite places in Singapore is the Kampong Glam area - for various reasons - one being the fact that I used to live with my grandma around that area when I was a kid, the majestic Sultan Mosque is there as well as Arab St (FABRICS!!). There are also nice quaint places to sit down for teh tarik and munch on yummy curry puffs while watching the world go by.

In my last trip back to Singapore...of course I had to make a trip to Kg Glam. Here are some photos.

I love love love Arab St for all the fabric shops. This time round, I found a Chinese shop selling the most beautiful fabrics at great prices. The shopowner was so happy that a "young" person like me appreciates his fabrics that he offered to get me a drink so that I could sit down to chat with him....and on top of that, I got great discounts on his fabrics!

Haahhhhh...the places bring great memories. I still remember walking up and down Arab St with RG to look for fabrics, ribbons & baskets for our wedding decorations. That was almost 10 years ago.

As you can see.....Kampong Glam is still looking as quaint and pretty as I had left it many many years ago!

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