Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy as a bee.....

We are having great weather these days.....warm sunny days with nice sea breezes...and the days are long too with the sun rising before 6am and setting after 8pm. With nice days like these....it just seems a waste to be couped up at home. We have been out enjoying the sunshine quite abit. We have our meals outdoor, have coffee outdoor and even our laptops have moved outdoor with us all thanks to WIFI.
And we can finally open the windows, doors and sliders to let the sea breezes in. It's an amazing feeling....just sitting on the couch or lying in bed and feeling the sea breezes' gentle carasses and smelling the freshness of the ocean. Occasionally, I'd just doze off on the rocking chair to the lullaby of the wind chimes.....ahhhhhhh, life is good.

The Sippican Harbor has been bustling with activities. We see countless sailboats, yachts & kayaks.....everyone is out trying to get a piece of the beautiful sunshine.

The floating docks are back in the water and we've been down there numerous times over the past weeks.
We've been having many friends over for some partying too.
Many shops and eateries have re-opened for spring/summer. Long queues have been seen at the creameries and the fish-and-chips places. Little vegetable/fruit stands have also sprung up.
After so many months of "hibernation".....we are starting to hit the malls (both physical malls as well as online shops!!) again to stock up on summer clothings and accessories :P Love this straw bag that I got from TJMaxx for 12 bucks....it just screams summer to me!
I finally gotten down to altering RG's jeans.....kekeke.....they too have been hibernating in the closet for the last 2 years. I'm a bad wife..... :P
Our air tickets back home to Singapore have been booked (mad expensive!!!). We'll be spending 2 months in SG and another 2 weeks in Ireland on our way back. We are so excited and looking forward to the trips.

Right now.....I have to start packing all our stuffs for storage before we leave here.


  1. Love your photos..I could imagine myself sitting on your deck with a beer or two and the BBQ going with satays on it. Alas, we're heading into winter here (1st day today) and the weather is gloomy and grey. Enjoy summer. When r u heading back to Spore? We're gng in Sept for a short break. I envy your 2 months holidays.

  2. I'll only be in Singapore till third week of August.....otherwise, we could try to meet!!