Monday, May 2, 2011

Ngoh hiang

Finally made some ngoh hiang using the beancurd skin that my parents had sent me.

Apart from minced pork, I also added some prawns, water chestnut, carrots, garlic & spring onion.

As for seasonings, I used five spice powder, white pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic powder, cornflour, sugar, egg & salt.
The beancurd skins were a little brittle...perhaps 'cos they were dried out as I had kept them in the fridge. I used a piece of clean moist paper towel to lightly dab all over the skin to moisten it. The last time I made ngoh hiang....I had ran the beancurd skin under the tap and that was a BAD IDEA 'cos the skin kinda disintegrated like a piece of wet tissue paper! haha

You can cut the large beancurd skin into any sizes depending on how big or small you like your ngoh hiang.

Place the meat mixture at one end of the beancurd skin and roll it up like a popiah. Don't try to stuff it with too much filling otherwise it might break apart.
I like to steam my ngoh hiangs to cook them first. Some people would just fry them directly without steaming. I'm always worried about the beancurd skin getting burnt before the meat filling gets cooked. By steaming it first, the filling is already cooked and so you need only to fry it briefly to brown and crisp the beancurd skin when you are ready to eat them. I made a huge batch (for economies of scale) so that I can freeze some until when I'm ready to fry them.
I fried a small batch for dinner tonight to go with rice and curry chicken......hmmmmmmm....
My favorite way of eating the ngoh hiang is to dip it in sweet sauce......BEST!!!

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  1. I love ngoh hiang rolls, although I call them lobak since my parents are from Penang. Thanks for sharing. Might make some for Mother's Day afternoon tea this weekend.