Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chicken mushroom pot pie

Pot pie.....one of those easy 1-dish meals. I make it occasionally in an attempt to "get rid" of leftovers in the fridge....and it's super easy and yummy!

This round.....I used up the remaining of my rotisserie chicken, water chestnuts, mushrooms, onion & frozen mixed vegetables that had been lurking in my fridge for awhile. It's not hard to substitute any of these items. You can use ham, leftover turkey, minced meat, potatoes, carrots, squash, peppers etc.
And you'll need a liquid base to marry with the ingredients. I used a packet of chicken gravy (add water/stock and boil), some onion soup mix and then thicken with a couple spoons of cornflour. Or even canned chicken/mushroom soups can work as well.

You can make your own pie crusts but I just used my trusted Pillsbury crusts that fit my pie pan perfectly.
Oh, and I like to plan my cooking such that I can cook several things at the same time to save on electricity. Here, I have a big pot of chicken stock, some corn and my pot pie all baking happily together! :P
After slightly over an hour......my pot pie is ready!!! You can cover the pie edge with aluminium foil if it's browning too fast. I cut little slits on the top pie crust to allow air to vent. It's also advisable to place the pan on a baking sheet in case the gravy in the pie bubbles over.
Cut a huge slice and slowly enjoy the oozy yummy goodness.


  1. Almost lunchtime here...and I am hungry just looking at your pot pie.

  2. i still have 1/4 left after having it for lunch and dinner today.....wish i could send it your way :)