Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye my friend (for now).....

We are starting to pack up all of our stuffs. Yesterday, I finished sewing all of our jeans & pants that required alteration....as I think it's about time to pack up the sewing machine, my sewing supplies and fabrics. Today, I opened up the machine to clean and oil it before packing it away.
I also slipped in a small sachet of silica gel to take away any moisture that could possibly cause any rusting to the parts...especially in the humid summer climate.
It's time to say goodbye.....back into the box it went.....
....added another silica gel sachet just to be sure and sealed the box up with tape.
I realised the price tag is still stucked on the box.....so now you know that was what I paid for it (quite a steal huh?!). I've had it since 2009. One of my best investments to date....considering I managed to cover the full cost of it in the first couple hours of my very first yard sale :) It's a very basic easy-to-use machine....and it has served my needs really well.
See you again my friend.....in September! I know I'll be missing you.


  1. hey edith, we'll be back in SG for 2 months and then ireland for 2 weeks before returning to the states again some time in september.