Friday, June 3, 2011

When Calzone meets Curry Puff

Since we'll be leaving the rental soon....I have to start ridding the fridge of stuffs. I had a tube of frozen biscuit, cheese, frozen meatballs and pasta/curry sauces. And I thought - calzone/curry puff??!
So I microwaved the frozen meatballs and mashed them up real good.....
I chopped up some sweet onion, mushrooms & a large potato (cooked using microwave on POTATO function).
First, add very little oil to a heated pan and fry the onions till translucent. Then, add the mashed meatballs, mushrooms & potatoes and some curry and pasta sauces. I did not add any other seasonings 'cos the sauces already have salt/seasonings in them. Add enough sauces to bring all the ingredients together but not too much such that the ingredients are swimming in the sauces.
Flatten the biscuits into a bigger rounds. You can just use your palm or a rolling pin. Then, add some cheese and some filling in the middle and fold the rolled out pastry in half and press to seal the edges. Place them apart on a baking sheet.
Pop the baking sheet into the preheated oven to bake for 13-15min (or until the biscuits are golden brown) at 375F. I probably didn't seal the pastry the baked biscuits all ended up with opened "mouths" :P But no harm done....they might look ugly but still taste as good as closed puffs.
Come on now....I know you wanna take a bite!

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  1. Hello..saw your dish at Little Brick Ranch.My gosh..this is a heavenly treat.I love them both especially curry puff and the fact that you made them together..oh my! I want it so bad... Im your newest follower.Would you like to know about Filipino Food?Hope you could come and visit me.