Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shopping is great in US of A!

For me, there are 5 reasons why I find shopping to be such a wonderful experience here in the states.

For a big gal like me (size L12/XL14), there are so much more options available here as compared to back home in SG where sizes tend to run small. I always felt like a big fat clown trying to fit into those ridiculously dainty little tight clothes that seem to work only for runway models when shopping in SG. However, over here, for once I actually feel like a regular size person....and it's so easy to find clothes and lingerie that fit me. I could even find stuffs that fit from the girls' clothing section!

I've kinda gotten used to the low prices here that I always baulk at the prices when I try to shop in SG. A fifty-dollar bill will probably get me 1 top in SG but here, I can easily use it to buy 2 pairs of denim jeans, 1 scarf and like 3-4 tops. I used to spend more than SGD100 on a pair of jeans in SG but now, every single pair of the jeans that I've gotten from here cost less than USD10 each....can you believe that? In case you are wondering if the quality is lousy for such low priced items.....I can confidently tell you that they are not. The key to good inexpensive shopping here in the states is to know where to go and what to buy when.

I love the sprawling malls, wide shopping aisles, plentiful and HUGE fitting rooms. One of the reasons why I hated shopping in SG was having to queue for the fitting rooms...especially during sale periods.

If you are in no mood to hit the can still shop at the click of your mouse! You can find almost anything and everything (new or used) online for purchase 24/7. Your orders can be easily placed online, payment made via credit cards/paypal and the items would arrive on your doorstep within days of your order. I don't understand why online shopping is not a big thing in SG. Considering how expensive SG rents are....running an online store makes so much more financial sense than having a physical store with exorbitant rent that would seriously eat into the profits (end of the day, consumers suffer 'cos the costs would inevitably be passed on).

Ok....I complained about it before....that the return policy in SG sucks. In the states, returning your purchases is like part and parcel of the entire shopping experience. If you had bought something and changed your mind (for whatever reason that you can think of!) and wanna return the item for cash/credit....NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Like I just bought this top didn't fit so I had to return it. All I had to do was to print a free return shipping label online....fill up a short form to let them know why I'm returning the product....stick the return shipping label on the original the item to be returned in the packaging together with the return form and reseal the packaging and send it back to where it came from. Once the returned item has been received, the money gets credited back into my account. Easy does it!
The original packaging that the item was shipped in is reusable and resealable. I think it's really convenient and very thoughtful.
So now you know why I've stopped shopping when I go back home to SG - it's TOO EXPENSIVE and no fun.

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