Thursday, September 8, 2011


The reason I have't updated my blog is because we had been away the entire summer...we spent 2 months in Singapore and 2 weeks in Ireland. Now that we are back....there's much unpacking to do, a very empty refrigerator/pantry to stock up, we also need to get over our jetlag and a slight flu that we had picked up in Ireland and basically, we need to get back to the routine as RG has just started his new school term.

At least this time round we needn't have to find another rental in a rush as we have moved back to the same seaside cottage as before. The decision to do so did save us a hell lot of headaches and anxieties.

Once we have unpacked and more settled down...I hope to blog more about the time we spent in Singapore and Ireland and to share with you some photos. I hope your summer had been as good as mine and I wish that we'll have a great fall to come.

I'm happy to be back in the blogsphere and I have so much catching up to do - reading all your past postings over the last 2-3 months!


  1. Welcome back Tania. I have missed your postings. Look forward to catching up on your trip home and Ireland.

  2. thanks charmaine. miss you too. you going to sabah i see. have a great trip!!! :)