Thursday, September 15, 2011

FUN in the SUN! (in Singapore)

We celebrated National Day (9 August) and also got ourselves caught up in the flurry of excitement in the weeks leading up to the Presidential Election (unfortunately, we left before the election day so I didn't get to vote).
I feel very lucky to be able to celebrate my birthday in Singapore with my families and friends for the past two years.
We checked out some new places as well as revisited old ones!
We just had LOADS of fun!
And it wasn't all play and no work. We did some work on our tiny apartment putting up new roller blinds, hanging up pictures and a whole lot of cleaning, unpacking and decluttering was carried out too. In the process of unpacking, I found our wedding poster from 10 years ago!!!
We had a fantastic 2 months in Singapore and the below sums it all!


  1. Seems like you had fun. We are heading there on Thurs. In Kota Kinabalu now, enjoying the sun n sea.

  2. Hi, hope you are well. We have returned from our trip to KK and Spore. KIT!