Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A random post

As you can see on our "barometer"....the rope is still intact...which means to say Hurricane Irene had been kind to our little house while we were away. Thank god nothing much had happened apart from fallen trees and other minor property damages due to wind and flood in our little town. A few of my neighbor's trees had fallen in their backyard.The tree guys came to chop up the fallen trees and broken branches with chainsaws....The smaller branches/trunks were mulched using the chipper....it was a very noisy operation!My first bake after the 3 months hiatus was a chicken pie.....think I had stuffed too much filling/soup which caused the pie to "erupt" :P Can't wait to cook and bake much now that I'm back!We got a new blue couch! My landlord said they searched high and low to find one that matches the color of the cushions that I had made for them...haha. The new couch is very comfortable and I've been lounging in it for tooooo much since we got back :)The wrap-around deck also got a fresh coat of white paint...to complement the spanky new grill....NICE!!! My landlord has also put in some new potted plants/flowers all around the deck area and in the backyard. Having to enjoy all these new stuffs without having to pay or lift a finger is absolutely priceless.
People kept asking us to buy our own home 'cos property prices are a historic low right now.....but there's so much benefit to renting beyond dollars and cents. We didn't have to worry about the house during Hurricane Irene 'cos my landlord had taken care of everything like nailing boards on the windows, removing all loose furniture from the deck, taking down unsafe trees etc. Renting is so worry and hassle free....and even more fantastic if you've got a great landlord like mine who's always so on top of things.The Sippican Harbor still looks amazing.....it's like people/things would change but nature (that has been spared from developments/damages) will always be the same forever and ever.Spent Sunday morning floating dreamyly on the platform, listening to the gentle swish-swosh of the sea and feeling the glorious sun on my face. Here by the sea is where I wanna be forever....

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  1. Lovely indeed. Beautiful house and the big blue sea - very nice combi! And your blog is really good; I could almost hear the gentle waves...