Friday, March 16, 2012

Half full or half empty birdfeeder

Ever since we've been given a birdfeeder last year, we've spent countless hours sitting near the sliders watching the lil birds as they feed. We can now identify most of the birds that come to our feeder and they are a bunch of regular fellas who'd come to feed like clockwork.

These lil fellas can really eat I tell ya. When we first hung up the birdfeeder, we were only refilling it once a the feeder becomes empty within a couple of days...sometimes within a day even.

And I always feel so guilty when I don't refill the feeder promptly once it gets emptied. I see the lil birds going to the empty feeder and I imagine them flying off disappointed and hungry and my heart is broken into bits.....awwwww, poor lil things! And did I mention how awful I felt when we were in LA & TX for 2 whole weeks? I was so concerned that the birds would be starving and that they won't love us anymore for not feeding them :P

So rain, shine or snow....we'll have to make sure that the feeder is always full and our little feathery friends are well fed. I didn't realise having a birdfeeder can be such a huge responsibility!

And these days when we go shopping.....we'll have to shop for the lil fellas too. Sometimes, a big bag of 30lb bird seeds, occasionally some bird suet for our residential downy woodpecker....& I'm already thinking maybe a bird bath (or 2) when we have our own garden :)

Damn those lil fellas are being spoilt rotten.

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