Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Potato chips cookies

Did you know that 14 Mar was National Potato Chip Day? Well......neither did I!

Anyway, someone posted the link for making Potato Chips cookies on FB and I was like....hmm! this looks really gooood. You see, I generally prefer savory snacks than sweet ones.

So this morning, to keep myself awake (long story, I won't go into it here), I followed the recipe (with few changes) and made these crunch savory cookies.

Instead of rolled oats, I used whatever leftover instant maple/brown sugar flavored oatmeal that I was probably gonna toss out eventually 'cos it tasted awful!

And a surprise (NOT!) ingredient for the POTATO CHIPS cookies - POTATO CHIPS!!.....what do you know right! :P  Ok, my crap aside.....I used Kettle Lightly Salted chips. I also toned down the salt amount to maybe 3/4 of a teaspoon.

I pounded at the chips bag with my fists until they crumbled into smaller bits. Good workout for a sleepy me! I had some difficulties incorporating the chips into the dough with a in the end, I used my hands (they were clean ok!) and kinda squished the chips and dough together.

I also just scooped the dough with a tablespoon onto my palm and again - squished them into tighter rounds.

I made about 36 cookies. Whatever the number....I prefer it to be an even one. I'm weird like that.

They look almost like regular cookies but look closer and you'll see the potato chips. The chips give a really nice savory crunch.....if you are the sort who can't eat just one chip....then you might have a problem with these cookies too. So crunch-munch away!


  1. I read abt National potato chip day on Twitter too. I like the idea of crisps in a cookie. Have you seen the recipe for chips in an omelette?

  2. @charmaine - hmm....chips in omelette sounds good...any recipe to share?