Thursday, June 3, 2010

The hole that rules America.....

You see a McDonalds in every major city around the world. McDonalds is VERY big in Singapore. But guess which fast food chain is especially dominant in the New England region in USA – no, it is not Burger King, KFC nor Starbucks. It is……Dunkin Donuts.

Very recently, Dunkin Donuts celebrated its 60th anniversary. Apparently, it had its humble beginnings as a coffee and donut shop in the Quincy, Massachusetts. Today, we see it everywhere. The town where we are staying now – Marion – had strongly resisted Dunkin Donuts’ attempts to establish a shop since 2000, claiming that it would lead to the demise to its charm, beauty, traditional community, and overall sense of place. SERIOUSLY???!!!!! *roll eyeballs* However, the town finally relented and a spanking new Dunkin Donuts opened its doors in April 2010.

The fast food chain is expanding aggressively – it appears that in 2009, Dunkin Donuts opened more than 350 new outlets across the world and 131 outlets in the United States. Unlike the regular donuts shops where they largely sell only donuts and coffee, the Dunkins here churn out burgers, muffins and sandwiches seeking to become the new alternative to the other fast food chains. And, as part of their expansion campaign, they have launched a very catchy advert which says “America runs of Dunkin”. At least here in New England, they seem to be doing much better than McDonalds, Burger King or Starbucks.

So the last I heard, Dunkin is back in business in Singapore (@ ION)!? I used to go to the one at Far East but that had closed several years ago. I wonder how's the new Dunkin at ION doing? Will definitely check it out when we are back in Singapore (we've not been to ION yet!).

New England is running on Dunkin, America is running on Dunkin...who knows maybe the whole world will be running on Dunkin one day!!
The Dunkin donut that I love best is hole-less!! It's the Boston Creme donut.

Notice the generous creme-filled center? This one had been chilled so the creme had kinda hardened....usually, the creme would be oozy when eaten fresh at room temperature. I'd pop a chilled Boston Creme donut in the microwave (set on defrost) for several seconds to get back the ooziness! Hmmmm.....yum!
An empty box.....a very satisfied sweet tooth!
(Co-written by TT & RG)

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