Thursday, June 3, 2010

Up close and personal.....

The weather was quite cool this afternoon so I decided to head out to the yard with my camera + macro lens to take some photographs.

The last time I had used my macro lens was probably more than a year's kinda fun to be using it again after the long hiatus.

Some of the shots of the insects could've been even more magnified....but I'm too scared to go too near the creepy crawlies in case they leap onto me....eeeeks!

This is called a Bleeding Heart! I'm sure you can see why.....

Can you see that tiny red bug on the petal?? I wish I had taken a closer up shot.

Love the multi-color sheen on this little bug....
Ok I know it's rude....but I couldn't resist taking a shot of these fellas while they were going at it.... =P

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