Tuesday, June 1, 2010

There's no free lunch....or is there?

I buy my remanufactured printer cartridges from an online ink shop. Not only are the cartridge casings recycled...they are also relatively inexpensive (approx 70-75% of the cost of the genuine product). And everytime I make a purchase....they let me have the option to enjoy free 1-yr subscriptions to 4 different magazines! Can you believe it?!

Currently, I'm subscribed to Time, Fortune, Money, Shape, Men's Journal, Outdoor Photographer, Oprah & South Coast...all for FREE! So who says there's no free lunch? Or maybe it only happens in the United States.

On top of these free subscriptions...I also have a paid subscription for the FoodNetwork magazine that I absolutely LOVE!!! So you can imagine my magazine pile growing at unbelievable speed.

I'll have to get rid of them (all except my FoodNetwork mag and Oprah which I'll be sending home to ML!) 'cos they are taking up space and we really need to start packing as our lease will be ending in June. Instead of tossing the mags out....I'll be recycling them by either bringing them to the nursing home (though I'm not sure if the folks there would enjoy boring financial mags?!) or perhaps our town library might be the better option for my kind of mags. There, the magazines will hopefully get the chance of a second read.

I'm not sure if I'll ever pay retail price to buy a magazine from the newspaper/mag stand ever again.

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