Sunday, May 30, 2010

My first yard sale...

So I had my very first yard sale today....unfortunately the turnout wasn't great...but at least the weather was okay and it actually felt really comfortable sitting under the shade of the huge much so that I was falling asleep on the rocking chair =P
So that was my little spot over there with my clothes, pillows, photos, sewn stuffs and other nick-nacks.
I sold several of my framed pictures as well as numerous loose pieces. The lighthouse photos were the favorites. A cranberry bog owner bought both of my cranberry photos...and requested that I autograph the photos =)
I also sold some tops, bags, purses, pillows, coasters, fabrics etc....a bit of everything. A lady who bought a bagful of my handmade stuffs had asked me to participate in her farmer's market event to sell some of my stuffs. I might do just that sometime in Sep-Oct when I'm back from Singapore and if I've made enough stuffs to sell again.
I met some really nice people and we talked about antiques, crafts, sewing, photography and lighthouses. I learnt a lot through the conversations....and it's wonderful how different people with their different experiences/knowledge have different things to teach.

The yard sale was supposed to be 9-6pm.....but we all got pretty restless by noon time 'cos of the lack of human traffic. So by 2-ish....all the ladies had decided to close shop for the day.

My revenue for today's yard sale -- USD170. Not great....but it's a start.


  1. Wow! $170 for half day of yard sale is VERY good! Just told Sree and he is also impressed. Esp to know you sold photos too.

  2. thanks mala. you know...if sree is willing...i'd love to go into a joint venture with him to reproduce some of his bird photos. i know those will be snapped up like hotcakes 'cos there are just too many birdlovers here! ask him to think about it and we can talk when we are back =)

  3. You had a great income. Quite big for half a day.