Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's up with us

(I'm so pissed with myself!!! I wrote a whole long blogpost and the next minute I accidentally pressed the DELETE button......gaaaawdddd!)

Hey Everybody,

Sorry I've been very tardy with my blog posts lately. Even mom was asking me why I haven't been updating my blog =P

So what have we been up to?

Well, for one, the weather is getting better. We are getting warmer and sunnier days. I've started to pack away our thick winter clothes to make way for lighter and breezier clothings. So little shorts, flirty skirts and they come!!

The bunnies in our yard had disappeared for the whole of winter but they are finally back again - we have been seeing them merrily hopping around in the garden. There are the little itsy-bitsy baby bunnies too....oh, you can't believe how cute they are! Sometimes, I'd just sit by the bay window to watch them.

The towns around here are bustling with activities as many people (i.e. summer residents/tourists) are starting to arrive for the summer. We see people riding around in their bikes, vehicles towing their boats out to the pier for launching, little kids selling lemonades in their Little Tykes stands, yard sales....ohhh, it's gonna be so much fun.

Marion and Mattapoisett are known to be places where many of the rich and famous would spend their summer we are hoping to spot some ourselves. I just found out that my MOST FAVORITE ACTOR - JAMES SPADER is a regular in Marion!!! And he's actually an acquaintance of my I BEGGED BEGGED BEGGED her to get a photograph/autograph of him if she sees him around this summer.

I'll also be having my first yard sale at the end of this month. So right now, I've been sewing up little stuffs....gathering some of our lightly used/new stuffs for resale and pricing/tagging all the items. My sale inventory is approximately 5 big bags full as of now....and still counting.

I made 8R prints out of a whole bunch of my photographs - scenes of around here that I'll be selling too. They are pretty costly but I figured that even if they don't sell, I can use them to decorate our house....and I might also bring some back to Singapore to decorate our little flat with.

We've been going down to the Cape A LOT lately. The bridge traffic has been pretty good maybe 'cos the summer crowds aren't back in full force yet...and they've finally completed the renovation works on the Sagamore Bridge so the lanes are all opened. There are so many interesting things to see and do on the Cape as each town is different and has different things to offer - beaches, ponds, dunes, shopping, restaurants, galleries, museums or just people-watch! We are hoping to visit Martha's Vineyard sometime soon too.

We are currently toying with the idea of moving to the Cape.....'cos it seems like such a fun and vibrant place to be at. But the flip side is that we'll have to put up with the tourist crowd and bad traffic during summertime. Well, we'll see how that pans stay tuned!

We will be returning to Singapore briefly...probably sometime in July. We are in the process of booking our airtixs....and the prices have jumped quite abit since a couple weeks back...darn! Anyway, we'll be most happy to catch up with families and friends over some roti pratas, mee siam and hokkien mee when we are back......we are definitely looking forward to that!

Take care and we'll see you soon!



  1. yes yes yes....come back and we'll have prata nasi lemak etc. Our fave nasi lemak place (from Bukit Batok) has moved out, so we are now looking for a replacement that's just as good (at least). By the time you come, hopefully we would have found it!

  2. haha....RG was just saying that he really misses nasi lemak!!!