Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Peter the rabbit...

We were out in the yard on Sunday...enjoying the sun and the blooms when this little itsy-bitsy snucked up on us. My neighbor has a name for him/her - Peter (I sure hope it's a him). RG managed to take a nice shot of Peter.....isn't he a darling precious?!

Young Peter wasn't afraid of us....he came very close and just sat there and watched us for awhile. Most of the older bunnies would dart away real fast the minute they spot us in a distance. I guess Young Peter has not learned to feel threatened by human beings yet.

Same thing applies to human babies. When you are a don't know anything and do not fear anything. Give a baby a hot kettle and the baby will probably touch it with his/her bare hands. That's when conditioning/learning takes place. The baby cries in pain and the next time you give him/her a hot kettle again, he/she would probably be more cautious.

Over many years of conditioning and learning....we've grown to be very cautious and afraid of many things. While most of the things that we've learnt to be afraid of would probably save our lives....there are also many other fears that may be unfounded....and have turned us into cowards.

And for many of us, one of the greatest gifts that we've lost is the ability to trust with no inhibitions 'cos we've learnt and seen the dark sides of human nature and as such, turned us into very cynical beings. While this distrust might serve to protect also prevents us from forming deep meaningful relationships that are build on great trust and faith.

So all these learning and conditioning.....whether it's actually good or bad for us, I really don't know.

All I know is that we should enjoy the company of Young Peter for now....'cos sooner or later, he'd no longer be sitting from a feet away from us and looking at us with those inquisitive eyes. Have fun while it lasts. He's really such a darling!

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