Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Psychedelic crocs....

I'm known for my love for Crocs. I used to have a whole shoe rack full of them (back in Singapore) - in all the different styles - clogs, flats, sandals, slip-ons, wedges, flip-flops....you name it, I probably had it. And I was also crazy enough to have the same designs in various different colors =P

Mary Jane is one of my most favorite crocs style....and I had many pairs of them in different colors....but never had I seen a pair in Psychedelic blue (actually, the color is "blueberry swirl") until yesterday at Job Lot! Somehow, the shoe reminds me of FA soap (you know, the blue aqua one?)...I can almost smell the fresh scent of the soap in my head.

RG helped me go through the entire rack and found one pair in my size....YEAY! So I grabbed it. And the price - $10!!! Back in Singapore, every single pair of Crocs that I bought was at least USD35 or more. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my size for the Psychedelic pink pair....otherwise, I'd have bought that too.

Think when I finally have a proper place for shoe storage (instead of hanging my Crocs up on the tool rack! hee hee)....I'd start my Crocs collection again. I hope RG is alright with that =)

Before I forget....on why I love Crocs so much...'cos they are quirky and they are the most comfortable footwear ever!! I used to have problems like knee pains, aching soles....but not ever since I started wearing Crocs. That's the only reason why I'm willing to spend money on them. They are really something...those rubbery weird shoes! My current neighbor swears by them too...she has chronic back pains and she said her Crocs have helped ease the pain when walking in them. So forget about those Orthopedic shoes that cost a bomb....just head down to Job Lot for your $10 pair of Crocs that'd work as well (if not better) than those shoes recommended by your podiatrists!

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