Monday, May 10, 2010

Everything deserves a second chance....

I found this sad looking piece of bedding at the thrift was actually very pretty as it had all these different flower prints on it. I brought it home for a mere $2.99 and seeing that the flower prints were approximately 4"x4"....I decided to hand cut the flower prints into small square pieces and made them into coasters (I probably can make at least 50+ coasters out of the single piece of bedding!).

I thought the coasters turned out really sweet....kinda vintage looking too! The prints are different so each coaster is unique.

Stack them up....add a ribbon and a'd make a great gift too!
So before you toss something out.....give it some thought as to whether or not it's possible to turn it into something else that can be of some use. Everything deserves a second chance!

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