Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too pretty....

I chanced upon these beautiful crocheted laces @ K's yard sale booth. I had told myself before the sale that I was supposed to be there to sell my stuffs and NOT to buy more stuffs! So I had to force myself to put the laces down the first time I saw them. But they kept popping up at the back of my head throughout the yard sale.....so towards closing time, I just had to give them another look (I swear I REALLY wasn't planning to buy them).

K saw the longing look on my face and generously offered to give them to me for FREE! She said she had absolutely no idea what the laces were for (honestly, neither do I!) and she had no use for them at all. I accepted her kind gesture and insisted that she pick out an item from my table as barter trade. I was happy that she chose the coaster set which she seemed to really love.

I'm not sure what I'm going to use the laces for yet.....but I'm sure it's gonna be something ultra sweet and pretty!

On a side-note....K was selling her 6-piece Le Creusets for $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!...and someone grabbed them before I did. Ohhhhhhh....I was so mad at myself.

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