Saturday, July 24, 2010

As if there are not enough shopping malls in Singapore already....

On my birthday, we went jalan-ing along Orchard Road. There are 2 brand new malls near Somerset MRT Station and they are 313@Somerset & Orchard Central (former Specialists' Shopping Centre).

Of the 2 mallls, RG and I both prefer 313@Somerset 'cos the mall layout is much better, there are more places to shop at and a huge foodcourt too.

We saw a giant iphone at the apple shop!
We especially like the spacious, bright and clean foodcourt on the top floor of the mall.
Our tea which consisted of dao-hway, hum-cheem-peng & you-jia-kueh. Yumz....
Orchard Central, on the other hand, has kind of a strange floorplan which doesn't feel very conducive for shopping. But there are many interesting restaurants there....which might be worth checking out.
What we like about Orchard Central is the rooftop garden and the lovely views from above. Here's the really long escalator that'd bring you up to the higher levels.

Marina Bay Sands - the new addition to our skyline!There are some very interesting sculptures at the rooftop garden too.

The very busy junction outside Somerset MRT station....the pedestrains looked like little ants...hee hee
This was me getting out of the VW van, looking all sheepish, 'cos the security guard had caught me entering the vehicle to take a photo =P

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