Sunday, July 18, 2010

Separated at birth.....

My old Nokia phone's battery had died. Originally, I had wanted to buy a replacement battery 'cos I really liked my Nokia but I was told that the battery itself was SGD60! For that price, I'd rather just get a new phone.

So I asked the telco staff if there was a CHEAP phone that I could get without having to sign a new contract. The staff said "sure!" and then started to show me phones in the range of SGD100-200.

I had to ask her at least 3 times if she had something CHEAPER! Eventually, she grudgingly took out this LG phone and told me that "it's the CHEAPEST phone oleadi!". She definitely made it sound like I was the CHEAPO-EST person in Singapore =P And then, she told me in disgust "this phone got no camera one leh!". Yes dear.....if I had wanted a camera....I won't be buying a phone!

So cheapo LG phone cost me SGD48 - at least it's still cheaper than buying a replacement battery for the old Nokia phone! The phone is almost identical to the one that I'm using now in the states (see below - right one is from the states).

I couldn't resist telling the telco staff that I had gotten the same phone in the states for only USD20 and on top of that, I was given USD30 worth of call time! So please don't bloody think that I'm a cheapo 'cos I'm still paying SGD48 for the same phone.

I see that many Singaporeans have very fancy cellphones (i.e. iphone, HTC, blackberry etc) that are top-of-the-line models. There seems to be some kind of pressure to be always seen to be carrying the latest and best phones. It's materialistic we have become. When have we start allowing STUFFS i.e. cellphones, cars, bags etc to define who we are?!!


  1. actually u should have gotten this at petrol kiosk or 7-11s. u might get a better deal there package with prepaid cell cards. it's only worth getting from telcon only if u sign a contract with them. ~Nic

  2. thanks nic for the tip! guess i should've done my homework and check around first. and perhaps i won't be looked down upon for asking to buy a cheap phone at the petrol kiosk or 7-11s!