Wednesday, July 7, 2010


DAISO has always been one of my MOST favorite shopping places in Singapore and Japan! I was having lunch with a friend in Vivocity today and decided to drop by DAISO just to take a look (I swear I went with the intention of looking only!!)......but the minute I saw all the bag making hardware....I went berserk! I mean.....everything for SGD2.00!!!

I bought some of the bag making stuffs in the states but they cost many many times I loaded up my basket with zippers, spring frames (for purses), button kits, snap closures etc....think I almost cleared many of the shelves =P

Funny thing was.....nobody else seemed to be looking at these stuffs....I guess not many people in Singapore are into sewing and crafts. Luckily all these things are quite light.....they should all fit into my 1 suitcase of 20kg comfortably.

Next on my shopping list.....FABRICS!!! Must head over to Arab St one of these days....

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