Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween celebrations in Marion

Every year on Halloween, witches, ghosts, goblins and all sorts of scary creatures and spirits will pour onto the quiet streets of Marion. It's the annual Halloween Parade and costumed characters of all ages are welcome to take part in this event.

The starting point of the parade was at the Music Hall. At 4pm, the parade which consisted of several hundreds of people and animals began down Front Street and they were led by the Sippican Styxx Drum Corps. Numerous streets were closed for the event. The short parade ended back at the Marion Music Hall where goody bags were handed out to all participants.

Check out the huge turnout!

Immediately after the parade, the trick-or-treaters began on their rounds around the entire neighbourhood. We had prepared a huge basket of yummy treats. Check out some of those spooky characters who had passed through our home.

We didn't have time to take photos of everyone 'cos we were busy giving out treats. But everyone who came through loved our treats and halloween decorations!

We had decorated our place with spider webs, real & plastic pumpkins and some lightings. It looked as if a giant spider had spun a huge web all round the house! The kids had fun trying to untangle themselves from the webs when they came for trick-or-treat.

Here's a trick AND treat from our dear neighbour - pumpkin bread, a whoopee cushion..and a beautiful hand drawn card!

Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween too!

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